When an older person collapses on the couch, it’s easy to blame the couch. But there are two ways to treat an older adult who has a collapsed lung. One is to pump the patient’s lungs full of carbon dioxide to help revive them. The other is to give the patient an oxygen machine, which is often used to restore breathing and restore circulation to the affected area.But there’s a third option, which a new device called a COVID-19 resuscitation machine can help you with: the COVID recovery machine.The new machine is a carbon dioxide recovery system, designed to help patients with collapsed lung recover. It works by filling a tube with CO2, pushing it through a tube that connects to a CO2-supplied tube, and then pushing the tube down a tube connected to a recovery tube.This process is called an inhale and exhale, and is supposed to help the patient breathe normally again.But a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that the device did not actually help patients recover from collapsed lung loss.The study found that patients who received COVID medicine, while recovering from COVID disease, experienced a decrease in the ability to breathe and decreased respiratory muscle activity compared to those who received oxygen and did not receive COVID therapy.The researchers, led by Dr. Robert C. McGlothlin of Massachusetts General Hospital, say this result could indicate that the COVA system can be counterproductive in patients who have collapsed lung, but the study doesn’t have any conclusions yet.This

has been updated to clarify that the study did not look at the effects of using COVID treatment for the first time.

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