Android Wear version 4.2 is here

By AppleInsider StaffApple has rolled out the latest version of Android Wear, which is the first to be made available in the United States.

Android Wear 4.3 is expected to hit stores on April 30, which will mark the first time it will be available outside of the United Kingdom.

The new version comes with an updated app store and revamped notification system, but there are a few notable changes.

First, the app icon has been updated to the new Apple icon, making it easier to see what’s new in the app.

This means that you can swipe down to reveal a list of apps, and then swipe right to select one.

Second, the notification shade has been changed from black to red, and the notification light has been redesigned to be much brighter.

Third, the volume and power buttons have been reworked, with the buttons now having a much smaller footprint.

Finally, the most important change in Android Wear is that Apple has made the app switcher in Android wear much smarter.

The new swipe-up gesture now takes you to the home screen, where you can quickly navigate between apps.

This is a big improvement over Android Wear 3, which used to keep a swipe up gesture on the home page to navigate between homes.

In Android Wear 2, swiping up would often result in a missed icon or blank page, which could have prevented users from accessing the most recently used apps in a given app.

With Android Wear now smarter, users can navigate between devices more easily, and this means that it is easier for them to find their way around the Android Wear app.

Android wear users are now more likely to go to the Home screen, and more likely have access to the app icons.