Trump slams ‘shocking’ VA report on shingling outbreak

President Donald Trump on Tuesday blasted the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for releasing a report saying shingle infections are “shocking” and “unacceptable.”

Trump tweeted about the VA’s report, calling it “very disturbing” and noting the report was not released until Friday.”VA is one of the worst in the world for shingled.

They did a terrible job in reporting this terrible problem,” Trump wrote in his first tweet on the report.”

The VA is the worst!

No wonder they were slow to report shinglers!”

Trump added, “This VA report was released on Friday (Wednesday) after the VA was caught red-handed not reporting on shingle infections for months.”

The VA reported that more than 300,000 shingler infections had been reported since January.

The department said at the time that there were a total of 2,094,566 shingley infections.More: