How to help those who need help after Covid pneumonia virus is detected

People who have been infected with Covid-19 can receive up to $300 in free care and a free hospitalisation, but many others will struggle to pay.

The Government has set up a free helpline to help people who have contracted the virus, but people can also get help for free from local charities.

The national helplink number is 0800 923 4444, and the state helplinks are 0800 828 4454 and 0800 787 8484.

People can get help by contacting the state or local helplines.

Some charities offer free help from their social welfare department, and other organisations such as the Salvation Army and the Salvation Institute offer some free counselling.

But some charities, such as One Stop Shop, have no support, and some may have restrictions.

Some local charities also do not accept donations from people who are overseas or are on welfare.

One of the most popular charities in Sydney, One Stop, does not accept payments from overseas.

It does, however, accept donations by post.

One Stop’s CEO John McQuaid said the organisation had set up the helplinking number so people could contact the helpys.

“If you’ve got Covid, we’d like to help you,” he said.

Mr McQuais said One Stop was working with local charities to provide free and low-cost health and welfare support.

In Western Sydney, the National Health Service is providing free help to those who are infected with the virus and is running a helplonger in the area.

One Stop is also running a program to help patients who have had a COVID-19 test result and who have limited income.

More information can be found in the One StopShop website.

The ABC has contacted One Stop and the Australian Red Cross for comment.

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