How to Recover the Lost Data of Your Android Chromebook on the Go

How to recover the data of your Android Chromebook without the need to open a file manager, a web browser or an app.

This article shows you how to recover lost data on your Android device by copying files from the SD card, using the Android File Explorer or copying from the USB drive.


Find the Data You Need 2.

Copy the Files You Need to Your Android Device 3.

Use the File Explorer to Copy the Data to the SD Card or USB Drive 4.

Use a Web Browser or App to Copy Files to the Android Device 5.

Use an App to Extract the Data from the Files on the SD or USB 6.

Read More to restore the data.

To copy files from SD card:1.

Open the Android app on your device and click File > Copy.2.

Find your SD card on your computer.3.

Select the file you want to copy to the device.4.

Click the + button to add the file to the list.5.

Use File > Select to copy the file.6.

Now click the + and select the file from the list to open it.7.

When you are finished copying the file, click Save and wait for the process to complete.

The process is the same for copying files to the USB stick.

You can use a file browser or download an app to transfer files.

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