Google is rolling out a new way to recover your lost Android devices

Google is making it easier than ever to recover lost Android phones from their owners by using a new feature called “bitlockers”.

The Google search giant has rolled out a software update to its Android recovery tools to allow users to recover their Android phones and tablets from their devices.

Google’s BitLocker Recovery Tool is a free software tool that allows users to use a recovery drive on their device.

It works by encrypting the device and storing data on the drive.

The drive can then be used to restore the device to a factory state, restore data, or recover files that are missing or corrupted.

The Google recovery tool works by automatically extracting files from the device.

Users then have the option to run the recovery drive to restore files and files to a clean state.

Once the drive is fully recovered, the user has the option of using the BitLockers recovery mode to recover the data on their lost device.

BitLocker recovery mode will restore data to a new state with data encrypted on the device’s internal storage.

Once BitLocks recovery mode is completed, the device is back to factory settings.

Users can also use BitLocking mode to restore data from a backup on their local storage.

After the backup is complete, the BitLockers recovery option allows users access to the backup and the device data.

Google also recently rolled out an update to BitLocked mode for the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 XL, and Pixel 2.

The update also adds support for BitLlockers recovery.