Facebook’s new ‘Hotmail Recovery’ app will be available for iPhone, Android and Windows 10

Apple is rolling out a new version of its Hotmail app for the iPhone and Android operating systems.

The new app, called Hotmail Recovery, will bring support for iOS and Android phones and tablets, with the latest version coming on November 29.

According to a post on the Hotmail website, Hotmail has added a “mobile recovery” feature for iPhones and iPads, allowing users to recover from their mobile devices by logging in to their accounts from anywhere, anywhere in the world.

Hotmail users can choose between a free trial, which provides a single month of unlimited email and text messaging for a small monthly fee, or a “Premium” package, which offers the ability to receive and send unlimited messages and texts, and unlimited music downloads.

For iOS users, the new app will also let them save the contents of their iOS devices into the iCloud account of their choice.

A new “Hotmail for iOS” page has been launched for users to see how they can use the new feature.

On the Windows 10 and Android devices, users will have to use a third-party recovery app, such as Recover from My Mobile or Recover From PC, which will allow them to recover their phones, tablets and PCs using the iCloud cloud.

Facebook has been testing the new Hotmail recovery feature on Android and iOS devices for months.

This is a significant update to the Hotline for mobile users.

We’re really excited about the possibilities this will offer and are looking forward to seeing what people have to say about it.

The feature is available on Android now and we’ll update you as soon as it’s available for Windows 10.

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