Fox Sports 5: ‘Codependency Recovery’ video, codependency video, recovery care

Fox Sports has released a video showing a Codependency Rescue video from Codependence Recovery, an organization that helps people with addiction and other mental health issues.

Codependence Rescue founder and CEO, Jennifer Aiken, tells Fox Sports she has been diagnosed with OCD and anxiety and was recently in treatment for it.

Codependent Recovery is based in New York City and works with clients who are diagnosed with substance use disorder, and are often homeless or in jail, Aiken said.

Aiken is in recovery from anxiety, depression and OCD, and now she’s in recovery for OCD, Anderheim said.

Codependents are in recovery, Ajinheim said, because they have a safe place to come to.

Codependence Rescue has about 200 clients, she said, and they’re all looking for help, including her.

A group of people were staying at the shelter with Aiken.

They were worried that she might be violent and had taken them into a bedroom and left them there, Akanheim said she’s afraid they would attack them.

A guard was there to protect her, but she was able to get out and walk around the perimeter of the room, Agrenheim said — she did not feel safe.

The guard did not know she was there, and Aiken could not have known, she added.

Codergent Recovery has offered a safe house for those who have been in treatment.

Codependent Recovery offers a number of services, including mental health counseling, support groups, and detoxification.

It also has a shelter in the Bronx, where people can stay for six months or a year.

Codegrant Recovery also offers a safe-deposit box and emergency cash for people with mental health problems, Aginheim said.

“They’re in a safe home,” Aiken told Fox Sports.

“I don’t know if I could have imagined what that might be like.”