How long does a concussion need to be treated?

The NFLPA and players union recently announced a $100 million settlement over a player’s concussion after the NFL’s Office of Player Safety determined players had not been fully informed of the severity of the injury.

The settlement includes a one-year, $5 million cap relief, and a $5,000 per game stipulation for players who are eligible for the league’s new policy.

It also caps the salary of players who suffer a concussion for the entire season.

The $100M settlement is in addition to $200 million in additional money the NFLPA was seeking in the wake of the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal.

The league has not yet announced a plan to pay for the settlement, though some players are reportedly requesting an additional $1 billion in penalties.

In addition to a $1B cap relief for players, the NFL has also announced that players will be eligible for $25,000 for each game they miss from the regular season.

This will allow players to spend their entire contract years on the sideline and, depending on their performance, potentially earn an extra $25M in cap relief.

The money will help compensate for the fact that the NFL does not have the luxury of a Super Bowl ring.